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Our web expertise at Cuion have an artist’s eye for creating and impressing with beautiful User interfaces with exemplary User experiences. Our designs are tailor made and more than just good – looking. They are functional and they run faster, perform better and give a very good user experience on all devices like mobiles, tablets or desktops.


The easiest, light weight, fast framework which can give the best responsive designs is called BootStrap.  With Bootstrap, developers build frontend with less HTML and CSS. This is also very effective when you make site which could be HTML, static site or a PHP coded site or it could be even a CMS.

Bootstrap is user friendly and uses less Javascript extensions. It is open source and it has compatibility with all browsers. The benefits of Bootstrap is multifold.They create transition effects, Image galleries and alerts and buttons and many different things like drop down menus and cover pages.

Cuion Technologies
Cuion Technologies

Website Redesign

Every business or service needs a website to showcase the features they offer. The more the attractive the website is, the more prospect of getting business. A good redesign of website means that it is currently with the ongoing trends with the global communities in the market.

By redesigning your website, you should be able to increase the revenue from your website by maximizing the traffic and it has to be Search Engine friendly and should be optimized for super – fast loading. Very importantly , the features which were not present in your previous website should be included in the new redesign.

Website Design & Developement

Web design refers to the aesthetic portion of the website and Web development identifies itself to the functional area of the website. When you to decide to redesign your website, it is not the money alone which you do as an investment, but also your time.


When it comes to development, visitors look for sophistication and usability. This is done by using HTML, CSS, Javacript and PHP and the designed files are made live with the functionality. At Cuion , both design and development are addressed with emphasis on Consistency, Balance and Stability in the entire application.
Cuion Technologies
Cuion Technologies

Who is CodeIgniter For?

Any web application requires a lot of time to build with thousands of lines of code which have to be rewritten. Frameworks help you ease this by giving blocks and minimize the amount of code needed to build a website.

This is a PHP framework but not a substitute. This is a Server side Scripting language which is used to build dynamic web applications. In CI, libraries are used with simple interfaces to access these libraries and complex functions are solved using them . This helps in reducing the timeframe in building the website in a much shorter time. CI helps in making your website more robust and also easier to maintain and read.

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