Lakshmi swaminathan

Lakshmi Swaminathan

“CEO of Cuion Technologies” 





Cuion Technologies has been founded by Lakshmi Swaminathan who conceptualized the company 7 years ago to provide talented IT professionals with a great place to work and showcase their skills. She is an entrepreneur at heart with an engineering degree in Electronics and MBA in Human Resources. This combination of the techno-management degree gives her a unique perspective required to succeed in the modern times.

Lakshmi is a lover of dogs as well as stray animals and is committed to rescuing animals in need. She is a singer with a flair for Hindustani music, is a part of CUPA, PPA and harbours the dream to create an animal shelter in the future.

She also raises and educates poor children who are from a very underprivileged background and shows them the road of life by contributing in all kinds. Actively takes part in many social welfare programmes happening in Bangalore.

Skype ID: lakshmiys
Phone No.: +91-9632533644, 040404[/teambox][/vc_column][/vc_row]