A successful team contains a spirit of cooperation. All members need to work together to achieve the specific goal. This can be difficult, especially if some members possess strong personalities or are highly opinionated. Successful teams tend to have strong leaders who can keep everybody on the same page while keeping the petty bickering to a minimum.

Sonu Kumar

Sonu Kumar - Software Developer

Sonu is our Software developer and is an engineering graduate in Computer Science. He has 2 years of experience in development.


Vijay Divakar -UI Developer

Our UI developer since 1 year, Divakar is an engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering with expertise in UI.

sumalatha k

Sumalatha V - WordPress Developer

Sumalatha is our UI developer and HR. She Is an engineering graduate in Computer Science and has 2+ years of experience in development and HR.


Vinayak P Angadi - PHP Developer

Vinayak is our PHP Developer and is an Engineering Graduate in Electronics and Communication with 1.5 years of Experience in Web Development.


Lijo George - Full Stack Developer

Lijo George is our senior most web developer and has an experience of 9 years in the same domain.

Anshu Kumari

Anshu - Junior PHP Developer

Anshu is our junior PHP Developer with 6 months of Experience.


Anjali - Social Media Marketer

Anjali is our Social Media Marketer. She has got a Digital Marketing certificate from NIDM.


Sachin - Graphics Designer

Sachin is our Graphics Designer and comes with in depth knowledge of all the Adobe Softwares He is one year experienced.


Nachiketa - Search Engine Marketer

Nachiketa is our Search Engine Marketer (SEO + PPC). He comes with an experience on 1 year.

Sayeed Afzal

Sayeed Afzal - Digital Marketer

Sayeed Afzal is our Digital Marketer and performs all to task to increase our client’s ROI. He has his own blog C2E.